Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Girl Lives Here

Now don't think that I'm a bad mom, but I have a confession to make for those who weren't around me during the beginning of my pregnancy with Stella. I really wanted a boy. Actually, like most soon to be mommies, I just wanted a healthy baby. BUT. . . if I had been able to call the shots, I would have asked for a boy. Stella undoubtedly proves that God knows exactly what he's doing. He knows what you need, even when you have no idea. I can't imagine my life without Stella. Not that I would not have or can't in the future have the same love for a little boy, Stella is just my heart and life. I laugh at myself now thinking back to how much I planned for a boy during those first few months. The night before my first ultrasound something drastically changed, I dreamed that I had a curly headed little girl. So, when we walked in to the doctor's office that day, Stephen said, "So, it's a boy, right?" I said, "No, a girl. I've got a feeling." Well, of course the ultrasound tech saw exactly what I had the night before in my dream. A girl! A few ultrasounds later, she could even see those curls floating around. :) A look around her room tonight proved that I have adjusted quite nicely to the world of all things girly. I'm so thankful for Stella and the joy that she brings our family each day. She's just perfect and definitely not a boy!

I decided last week that it was time to purchase a bow holder. I found this cute one to match her room from a seller on Etsy. I guess I was right. I filled it up quickly!

Stella's new horsey purse from Nene.

Look at how long her hair is now! Her curls make the length deceiving.

Fall has landed in Stella's closet. Now if the temperatures would just follow suit.. . I preordered so many things for fall and winter that I had forgotten what I all I actually did buy. Each week here lately, the mail has been exciting!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kindermusik - Fall Semester

Stella and I went to her Kindermusik class tonight to kick off the new fall semester. She loved it and was able to participate so much more. It's amazing how much she's grown and developed since our last class in the spring. She danced, clapped, and loved the egg shakers. She was very proud of the take home bag and goodies that Mrs. Kathleen passed out at the end of class. She carried it to the car and as soon as we got home, she put it on her shoulder and walked to the front door. She beat on the door and yelled trying to get her daddy's attention. I'm not sure if she wanted to show off her new bag, or tell him about her fun class. Maybe both?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Obion County Fair - Night #1

It's that time again! What can I say? I just love the fair! It seems like most of Obion County shares my excitement. It's great to see old friends and let Stella experience all that the OC Fair has to offer.

The main reason we go on Monday night is to watch the chicken show. Our great friend, Carly, has been showing for years and this year won Grand Champion! I can't wait to hear the results from her shows tomorrow afternoon.

One of Stella's favorites, the petting zoo.

The fair is so tiring. We live about five minutes from the fairgrounds, but she couldn't make it home. Stella needs to rest up tonight. There is much more fun waiting the rest of the week.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sweet Cousins

Stella - 18 months & Ramzi - 19 months

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ferry Ride

Today, we traveled to Cape Girardeau to visit Auntie Pam in the hospital. On the way home, E decided that we should take a ride on the ferry. Not only is it cool to ride on the ferry, it cuts major mileage off of the trip home. The only downside of riding the ferry is timing. It departs in 30 minute intervals from the Missouri and Kentucky side. If you get there as it's leaving (like we did today), you have to wait around awhile. I'm glad that Stella was able to ride it today. She was mesmerized!

For those of you who live locally, you can board the ferry at Hickman and arrive in Missouri within 15 minutes. Check the website for departure times. Once you make it to the Missouri side, you're only about 40 miles from Sikeston. Can we say Lambert's?!?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Grin

This little girl makes me very happy. Her personality is much bigger than that little 1 1/2 year old body.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

St. Louis Zoo

We had a little 2 day vacation in St. Louis last week. Our first stop was the St. Louis Zoo. It was so much fun! I highly recommend it! The zoo is beautiful and very well kept. Even in the hot July sun, there was plenty of shade and we made it just fine for five hours.

After the zoo, Stella was in desperate need of a bath. Our hotel had an awesome shower, but no tub so we bathed her in the sink. She thought that it was so funny!

Another great memory to add to the books. . .

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sleeping Beauties

Daddy and Layla after a long, hard day.

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