Thursday, April 12, 2012


Stella is in love with her little four wheeler and she is becoming a little daredevil. She now prefers to ride it while standing up.

I thought I'd list some of my favorite words that Stella is using so I don't forget how she pronounced them. I'd been very adamant about speaking clearly and correctly to Stella because I want her to develop good language skills. She is really great with sounds that lots of kids struggle with, but she still mixes up some things. It's hilarious. Although I want her to learn to say all these correctly soon, it sure is cute right now!

Strawberries : Brawstrerries
Water : Badder
Chips : Pucks or Puffs (She thinks all chips are puffs and then sometimes gets puffs and chips scrambled together.)
TV : Tee eee
Nene : Leelee
Blankie : Bobbies
Movie : Voovie

Her entire life, when Stella sees someone she knows or we're on the phone with someone, we've made the habit of telling her to, "Say hi, ____" So now, when she sees anyone or talks on the phone she automatically says, "Say hi, Sis" or "Say hi, Lele."


  1. That is so cute. Annie is learning all of our real names... and my parents recently tried to teach her Hrusovsky... it comes out Hergoppy. it is the CUTEST thing.

  2. Too cute! I glad to know about the chips, now that makes sense She likes to got through all the plastic food and I tell her what they are. I sometimes get her to say the word, but when it comes to the chips, she would always something that I did not understand. She would alwys look at me like I was supposed to know! lol